• Our Mission

    At Boost, we make it our mission to provide everyone with a worry-free cashless mobile payment experience all-day, every day, whilst demonstrating ethics and integrity in all that we do.

  • Life at Boost

    Create a company culture that values diversity and inclusion, such as by promoting diversity in the hiring process, offering training on unconscious bias, or celebrating different cultural holidays and traditions. This can help create a more welcoming and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Boost Core Values

There are main 6 Boost Core Values

  • We believe every winner will have a list of losses
  • We dare to try, even when failure is like
  • We fail fast and we learn faster together


  • We do not fear the unknown
  • We do not hide our failure
  • We do not let others repeat our failure


  • We are inspired by a greater purpose
  • We champion cur view. Once we commit, we give our all
  • We have fun in all we do


  • We do not do things without understanding the big WHY
  • We do not just say yes and then do something else
  • We do not lose focus
  • We challenge traditions and keep raising the bar
  • We live and work courageously
  • We solder on when the gang gets tough


  • We do not hide behind legacy
  • We do not give up easily
  • We do not dwell in the valley of misery

Boost Career

Looking for career growth & new endeavours? Come join us!